Building a Stronger Community:
Amna Mohammed



CACD used to be just a place to volunteer after school, but after being part of CACD for over a year CACD has become a family, a strong community where I want to be. Community refers to a group of individuals who share common values, beliefs, interests, and goals, and who live in a close-by area. A strong community is one where individuals work together, support one another, and engage in activities that promote the well-being of all members. CACD is that strong community. 

CACD impacts me every day and reminds me to take a step into the world. CACD hosts many events such as high school programming, middle school programming, grade 6-12 tutoring, Christmas parties, BHM event, and so much more. I was taught to network, collaborate, and become a volunteer with a purpose. 

When we volunteer with CACD, we become active members of their community and contribute to its growth and development. Through volunteering, we learn about different cultures and backgrounds and develop new skills. It helps to create a sense of belonging among community members. When I collaborate with others to work on a project or support a cause we share a purpose with CACD. This can help to break down barriers and promote a connection within the community. I learned to address social issues and improve the lives of my community with CACD. By working together to address these issues, community members can make a positive impact on their surroundings and the lives of those around them.


I became a passionate strong leader, a collaborator, a speaker, and a friend to many because of CACD. Thank you for helping us build a stronger community. Thank you to Ron and Sonia for giving me and so many other youths this opportunity.

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