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Afterschool Program

The Middle School sessions will teach youth confidence, teamwork, self-awareness, and social skills through activities centered around Academics, Physical Fitness, Health and Wellness, and Healthy Eating & Nutrition.


Volunteering – Students become volunteers, giving the opportunity to gain the 40 hours of community service necessary for high school graduation, and impact the lives of the CACD community and its participants.

Crime Prevention Program

Youth will be able to overcome the various risk factors they encounter in their daily lives and drift toward a more conventional and constructive life path.

Internship Program

Get started on the right career path through a number of youth employment opportunities and internships.
The CACD Internship Program is great for individuals seeking a great opportunity to start and accelerate their careers.

Targeted High School Outreach

A collaborative relationship will be built between targeted high school guidance counselors and the CACD social worker team.

Health Promotion

Build stronger, healthier and safer communities, contributing to positive child and youth development. Our intent is to attract community members from schools, families and local businesses, and connect them with multi-disciplinary healthcare providers for increased access to healthcare education and resources