Building a Stronger Community

By Marium Imran

A strong community is one that has shown to be safe, inclusive, and prosperous, and CACD is successfully able to create that environment. Being a member and volunteer for CACD for more than a year, I’ve been able to see exactly what makes the organization an amazing opportunity for the whole community. The weekly after school programs bring students between the ages of 12 and 18 to drop by and attain valuable life skills. The program is run by qualified instructors, who bring their expertise to passionately teach their skills to others. I, myself, have greatly benefited from their exclusive workshops which highlight aspects of real world problems; how to finance, how to be a great public speaker, and how to be healthy, physically and mentally. A workshop I am extremely grateful for was the story writing workshop, in which I was able to hear from a successful author and be able to ask her how she was able to reach success; her experience was not all smooth, but she was more than happy to show us the way to successfully become an author. These workshops not only create opportunities to learn, but also create paths to making great connections; I was able to connect with like-minded people and many influential figures through the sessions. When I speak, I use the knowledge given to me during the public speaking workshop. When I eat, I remember the advice from the personal trainer that came in. When I get money, I know the best way to utilize it and be able to plan for my future. Overall, experiences may vary from person to person, but I can definitely say that CACD has left a positive impression on everyone!

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