Addressing Youth Violence

As the effort grew out of Crime and Violence, we embarked on an approach of Crime Prevention Through Social Development (CPTSD) which addresses youth violence, but an assortment of all-encompassing programs was designed for children and youth from ages 10 to 24 years. Program activities include After School Programs, Leadership and Empowerment, Youth Justice and Crime and Prevention, Health Promotion, Internships for Colleges and Universities and Targeted High School Programs. Participants experience improved academic achievements, self-confidence, social networking and interpersonal behaviour, volunteer opportunities, community participation and involvement, a chance to learn about diverse cultures, reduced misconduct, and risky behaviours. The benefits of these programs are advantageous, and the results are tangible.

Under tight financial constraints, limited budgets, and cuts to funding, CACD was forced to operate mainly in Mississauga with programs and activities available to approximately 500 participants annually and impacts about 1000 lives of at-risk youth every year. We have work to do, and we need your support to continue to change lives.

  • We recognize inherent strengths in BIPOC youth.
  • There are challenges, and we help them manage tough times.
  • We take action to improve our communities.
  • We help develop life-saving skills and empower them with knowledge.
  • We know they can be effective today and in the future.